Monday, March 22, 2010

Anti condom nuts

Anti condom nuts in our country strikes again. One of them says "We have to admit that using condoms is equal to legalizing free sex." What the?! Maybe he meant something?

Anyways, I can't really understand why they, specifically the CBCP, cherish and care more their doctrines rather than the negative realities our poor country face (like poverty/corruption). They and some of its followers claim that the Church are just "guiding" our country to the right "moral" path but they are not really. Some of these primitive thinking priests believes that an ideal family would be a family with 5-7 children, they think that contraceptives/RHB is worse than corruption, the Vatican compared it to the Holocaust, Papa Ratzi said that condoms spreads AIDS, in Brazil they excommunicated a rape victim, her parents, and the doctor who decided to abort while they take no action to the rapist, they (CBCP) condemns our health department for giving free condoms and educating our fellow countrymen, and just recently the quote above. The CBCP have already done and said a lot of stupid and ignorant things against contraceptives and RHB. They already exerted a lot of effort and resources fighting and condemning the RHB while the majority in country suffer hunger, poverty, and corruption to name a few. Instead of spending their resources on stopping a bill that could help and educate us more about sex and health reproduction, they should spend their resources on things that could really improve the ugly situation our fellow countrymen face.

I am not saying though that all priests in our country are "primitive" thinking, there are also those (some Jesuits) who are very in tact with reality. And I really admire these priests (or this one in particular) for knowing what is really best (and not best) for our country. I hope that these CBCP priests will evolve like that of the Jesuits.

Monday, March 8, 2010


Hi. It has been a very long time since I write something here. I stopped blogging for some reasons but now I "think" I miss blogging. I am really reconsidering blogging again. Hopefully something will pop out in my mind. Or if nothing pops, I guess I'll tell some stories just for the sake of writing something.