Saturday, January 31, 2009


When i went to church last Sunday [since my mom always forces me and as an obedient and 'maro' son i follow] i  noticed always that the the rituals and the pastor’s sermons always have to do with believing [ofkors in God]. Like for exmaple, when we eat the bread and wine and other similar stuffs. Its all about remembering and believing in God/Jesus. I also noticed that the Sunday school lessons were also about believing and/or having faith in God/Jesus.  [maybe not really "always" but most of the time].  Both the pastor and Sunday School teachers[SSTs] teaches us that when we have faith and that when we believe in God/Jesus, nothing is impossible.  They,both pastor and SSTs, really emphasizes  [i think] ‘believing/faith’.

But what is with believing anyway? Is believing to God really that important? Can one secure a seat in heaven [assuming that there is] just by believing? 

As person who have an open heart and mind on both sides [huh? what sides? lol] i think that believing is not that really important. Maybe for a very deeply religious person, believing is very important because it assures them of things and that they think that believing [alone] in God will assure them of afterlife/heaven.  But for me, i think that believing will not really assure one a seat or place in heaven. I mean, a person can believe and have a strong faith in God yet that person can still continue to do what is not right. Right? Example are the corrupt politicians we see on news/TV. They go to church with their family [or for some, 'families'] or they offer a mass for this and that yet they are still corrupt. Or a person goes to church every Sunday yet that person still do what is not right [ still commits immoral acts].  This is really ironic because they call themselves man/child of God yet still continues to commit immoral acts. 

So what now can secure a man a seat or place in heaven? ?  Hmmm…  For me, i believe that having a good conduct and clear conscience can secure a man a seat or place in heaven.  These two, i believe, is much more important than believing.  I will not elaborate on this because i know that you already know ‘why’. :D [i hope]. My point is that we should focus more on these two rather than just by believing alone.  And that the Church must not only promise its believers of heaven/afterlife but they should also teach its believers how to ‘really’ end up in heaven. 


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