Tuesday, March 17, 2009


While I was waiting in line for my turn in paying our water bill just this afternoon, I overheard two middle-aged women (I think they were Christians) talking about the atrocities by the Muslims. They talked how evil and unjust and brutal and unforgiving the Muslims were when they attacked the Twin Towers and when they kidnapped good people. I really want to join their conversation and share some of the information I know but I thought it would be useless.

There's a saying "Before you point your fingers on others, make sure your hands are clean". Maybe the two women I heard talking about the atrocities done by the Muslims don't know the atrocities done by their God. Yes, their God(or Jehovah/Yahweh). Little do they know that the God they are worshiping also committed a lot of atrocities. Yes, you heard me. Christians do not even know about these atrocities. They just think that they are worshiping a loving God because that's what the authority, tradition, and dogma told/taught them. Is stoning a man to death just because of a very shallow reason called love? (NU 15:32-36) We can really see a lot of atrocities done by Jehovah/God in the Bible. If one would just read clearly and critically the book of Numbers, Exodus, Revelations, Genesis and in some other books in the Bible they would see some or maybe a lot of atrocities done by (or done in the name of) God/Jehovah.

Some may react violently on this (especially the religious ones) but what I said are based on facts (well assuming the Bible is a fact). It is written in the Bible. The book which many consider to be the guide book of their lives. Well I guess the truth hurts.

To back up what I said, here's some example of the atrocities I was talking about. Just click them to read.
GE 3:1-7, 22-24
GE 4:2-8 , GE 6:11-17, 7:11-2
GE 19:26
GE 38:9
EX 7:1, 14, 9:14-16, 10:1-2, 11:7
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EX 12:29
EX 32:27-29
LE 26:29, DT 28:53, JE 19:9, EZ 5:8-10
NU 11:33
LE 26:22
NU 15:32-36
NU 16:27-33
NU 16:35
NU 16:49
NU 21:6
NU 25:9
NU 31:31-40
DT 7:2
DT 21:10-13
JS 6:21-27
JS 7:19-26
JS 8:22-25
JS 10:10-27
JS 10:28
JS 10:30
JS 10:32-33
JS 10:34-35
JS 10:36-37
JG 1:4
JG 14:19
2KI 10:17
2CH 13:17
IS 49:26
EZ 6:12-13
EZ 9:4-6
EZ 23:25, 47
MT 3:12, 8:12, 10:21, 13:30, 42, 22:13, 24:51, 25:30, LK 13:28, JN 5:24

More atrocities here.


Danny Boy, FCD said...

Christians would respond by saying that these atrocities are old news and that they're now civilized. Which is true, they are not as violent and as bloodthirsty as their mahommedan brothers. But they did not become peaceful by their own merits but because of influences of secularism, especially during the Enlightenment.

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