Sunday, March 15, 2009


It is 11 something pm (when I wrote this) and I just got home from a drinking session with my friends. I really did'nt plan to drink with them tonight because we already spent time last night at Bar-b-que Boss (@Torres) where we got drunk and wasted. I planned to just watch DVD series [24 (Season 1) and Weeds] tonight but they unexpectedly came here to fetch me to go at Dino's house. They bought food and I also brought some food (from Grandpa and ma's anniversary celebration) and went to Dino's house. I really did'nt like the idea of (again) having a drinking session with them because we already had one last Saturday night. At first I was not really in the mood for drinking but then after a coulpe of shots, I was in the mood and I felt great. Maybe it was just the alcohol that made me feel that way. Maybe not.

It really feels great to have some one to talk to about life, love, and other boy-stuffs. It feels good when someone is listening to your side of story in life and love. I noticed that we all have some complains in life (and of course love) and it really felt good to share them with someone although their advices were not that really good (LOL). The point is that they listen and they understood my side of the story and I understood theirs. At first, we were not really talking about some serious stuffs but after a couple bottle (liter) of Red Horse we eventually talked about some. We talked about how our lives are not going in the right track. We talked about our regrets in life and love. Of course we also talked about our succeses and other fun stuffs in life. We talked about the past and our rackets in college. It was very nostalgic. It really feels good to have someone to share these things. 

I am really grateful and thankful that I have friends like them. I spend the whole weekdays (sometimes the whole week) imprisoned here in the four corners of our house and it really feels great to know that somehow I still have friends to share my ups and downs, spend time with, and talk to at the end of the week. :D 


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