Friday, April 24, 2009

People's Tactics

This game is very old school. The graphics is DOS-like and the game play is very simple. This game is like Capture the Flag (anyone knows this DOS game?). BUT this game is surprisingly fun (for me at least). I love the tactics, the long term planning, and the historical maps/campaigns and units. Although I have (and play) Rise of Nations, which has a very similar concept and game play and which is way way more better than People's Tactics but I really love the simplicity of People's Tactics. I'm like playing chess without the long calculations(and memorization) and instead of chess pieces, I have infantry, tanks, bomber planes, and other military vehicles. These pieces are not really real moving tanks/bomber/infantry but they are just representations (like a small icons) which makes it a little boring and outdated.

But all in all, I love this game. It is very simple and fun. Very strategic and tactical.


Danny Boy, FCD said...

I'll try it out.

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