Thursday, April 30, 2009

Refutations (part1)

While I was surfing the net and blog hopping, I stumbled (again) upon this blog. This really caught my attention because of its false and allegedly rational content and bad(and weak) arguments. Well this post is not really new but I haven't write any refutations yet here in my blog and I think I should have to because I am bored. Now the two part entry of this blog is titled The Claim That There Is No God Is An Escape From All Realities (part 1).

Now let's examine the author's "rational" claims...

In the first part, the author writes that the worst evil was done by those who denied the existence of God. He mentioned (the "Godless") Hitler, Polpot, Joseph Stalin, and other communists. But this author never really thought that these people did not kill because they are atheists. These people killed hundreds to thousands to millions of innocent people not because they were too attached to critical thinking or that they were too attached in finding evidences. They committed atrocities because of some ideology. Not because they reject God. Also, and FYI, Hitler was not Godless. He's a Catholic. He even have connections with the Jesuits during their time. Their(Nazi) oath even mention God. Now how about 9/11 and the Inquisition and the Crusades? Hmm.. In whose name do you think these atrocities were made? Speaking of atrocities, the God they are worshiping also murdered thousands of people and even ordered to kill babies (loving eh?).

All in all, this part 1 is mostly copy and paste of Bible verses, lies, and straw man claiming that atheism is an escape from all realities. It is really funny because they believe that they will live after they die and their proof of this after life is Bible. Very rational indeed (sarcasm). Who is escaping now to the reality that we can only live once?

Lastly, I noticed that the author likes to quote verses in the ancient book. Why should one consider the contents of the Bible as true? Why not other Holy Books like Quran? Well lets leave these questions to them. (I am guessing that they will quote verses to answer them.LOL.)


Danny Boy, FCD said...

Eli Soriano is a disgrace, a pseudo-scholar who knows little of what he's talking about. A mere parrot who regurgitates bible verses through rote.

Jobo the Bored said...

hahaha.. he is just stealing the money of his followers.

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