Friday, May 1, 2009


Well the title is self explanatory. I'm kinda bored right now. I am looking for something new to do aside from Internet and chess and music and DVD. Since I got bored reading, I will present here some of the things that made me busy lately (although these things also bore me sometimes) while waiting for S's to call me for my training.

As of now I am reading Paulo Coelho's The Devil and Ms. Prym and I am not yet done with it. I have to rest my eyes for a while first before I continue reading it. Hopefully I can finish the book this weekend. The story is (so far) great. I like the characters because they are kinda weird and unusual. The novel tries to answer the question "Are people bad?". Also it kinda presents the problem of evil and I am guessing I will encounter theodicies somewhere in the end. The one thing why I like this book is because I can really relate (well I guess we all can) to the situation of the main character.

Aside from that book above, I am also reading Atheist Universe by David Mills at I really don't know if the copies of the books there are legit. I just started Chapter 3, God of the Gaps: Does the Universe Show Evidence of Design. Chapters 1 (Interview with an Atheist) and Chapter 2 (Origin of the Universe: Natural or Supernatural) are both good and easy to understand. I really learned a lot especially in Chapter 2 (this chapter is a little scien-cy) wherein David Mills explains some of the basic ideas of the Law of the Conservation of Mass-Energy.

Lastly, I am watching The Office Seasons 1 and 2 and Two and a Half Men Season 1. I bought these just last week (pirated of course). The Office is a mockumentary about life in a mid-sized suboffice paper merchants in a bleak British industiral town, where manager David Brent thinks he's the coolest, funniest, and most popular boss ever(from the back of the pirated DVD). But he isn't really. In fact, his employees think of him as the opposite of these things. The Two and a Half Men on the other hand is a little better and funny than The Office. But the copy I bought is defective (duh pirated). I only enjoyed the first 12 or so episodes of season 1.

So these are the three things that keeps me busy lately (well aside from my daily chess and Facebook and E-mail). I may have a lot of things going on while waiting but I easily get bored with these things. Grrr... Boring...


Anonymous said...

i would like to suggest reading "Angels and Demons" but i think you've read that. Its good entertainment. i love the assassin killing future popes. and the Illuminati thing. just a suggestion (or maybe a request).. if you happen to know a lot about (or even small info) about freemasons, please create a blog about who or what freemasons are. their belief and goals if possible. i have ....never mind.. i think that will be boring as well..

try reading psychic and wiccan books ^_^


Jobo the Bored said...

di ko pa nabasa ang Angels and Demons. I guess I'll just watch the movie nlng.
I think you can google about the freemasons?
Im not really into psychic and wiccan. In fact, i disagree and against with them. I am against superstition, ignorance, deception, false hope and blind faith. :D Psychic and wiccan thing is not really supported by science and logic. One can't really explain them.

Anonymous said...

hehehe oo nga. aminado naman sila na di possible lagyan ng evidence kasi imagination lang talaga ang main na gamit mo bukod sa faith.

i would really suggest reading before watching. pero papanoorin ko din. inip na nga ko eh. ^_^


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