Monday, May 4, 2009

Pacman Dilemma

I found this interesting topic at the Freethinkers Forum (yahoo group) about Pacquiao's prayers.

John P. wrote:
If you will notice, Paquiao always starts and ends his match with a prayer, and he wins his match most of the times. So just asking...How will you point out to the Filipinos a certain "godless" philosophy like Secular Humanism for example in relation with Paquiao?
Does the prayers really helped Pacquiao win most of his fights? Is that really the reason why he won most of his fights? As a freethinker, I really don't believe that the Pacquiao's prayers helped him win most of his fights. His prayers have got nothing to do in winning his fights. I (and others like me) believe that Pacquiao won most of his fights because of his talent and training. Not because of his prayers. Imagine if Manny will not train 2-3 months before his next fight and just rely on prayers. Do you think Manny will win? Well you know the answer. Also, there are other boxers out there who pray before (and after) their fights but they are not champions like Manny. ( Maybe God have other 'divine' plans for these boxers?? Well, who are we to question God's plans right??* LOL).

All in all, prayers really don't have 'powers' or divine intervention something by a sky daddy up there. Yes it could motivate or give confidence to others but believe me, it is not the prayer. It is with the person. No one really listens up there. It is better to give the credits to yourself and others who helped and worked hard rather than to the non-existing sky daddy up there.

*sarcastic reply of one of the member @ the forum/yahoo group


Anonymous said...

if i pray could i beat pacquiao?...maybe his opponents doesn't pray that's why they lose. i wonder if mike tyson prays. if praying is something to help you achieve goals then priests and preachers have achieved the goal of taking over the world which proves its real. if that's the use of prayers then its true.


Jobo the Bored said...

Oh please lets not question God's plan for us.. wahahaha

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