Friday, August 14, 2009


I just had a conversation with my friend (office mate) a week (or two) ago about belief. Specifically about the belief in God. We were chatting about something and our discussion suddenly diverted to what-is-your-religion part. We still don't know each other well so we ended up asking this question to each other. Our talk basically went smooth until this what-is-your-religion part popped.

Me: Btw, what is your religion.
Her:Catholic, how about you?
Me: Well my family is protestant Christian but I am not really religious. I doubt God's existence. (I said something like that)
Her: But why??!
Me: (I stated briefly the Problem of Evil)

After I stated the PoE, she just went silent. And then we go on with the day. I noticed that after we talked about it, I felt a little distance between us. It seems that there's an invisible wall between us whenever we're together in the office. And I suspect that it's because of my non belief. Maybe there are other reasons but the little closeness (FCness) we had just suddenly disappeared after we had that discussion. Maybe her faith was shaken when I talked about the PoE and she hates me (secretly) because of that. LOL.

Well I don't care if she hold so dear her beliefs. I was simply showing her the reality about the evil and suffering in this world. And I also don't care if she won't like me because of my non belief. So what if I don't believe in what you believe. Am I evil because of that? Am I evil for not agreeing with you? Heck, she should pay more attention to the actions/deeds of a person instead of judging them because of one's belief. I hope she can read this.


innerminds said...

You probably landed a very valid point on her, and maybe that's why she's acting differently. Thanks for kicking her to stage 3. :)

Angie Jackson said...

You were far milder in that interaction than many others (read: I) would have been. I tend to use the A-word to describe myself (atheist, not asshole, most of the time).

As a believer, I was always a little put-off by atheists because it simply made no sense to me. I couldn't conceive of not believing. Of not worshiping god, sure, or of being mistaken and following the "wrong religion", yeah. I could conceptualize believing incorrectly, but not disbelief. The first close-ish friend to reveal she was an atheist was during my last year of belief, so I was more liberal/secular than that at any time before. Still, when she told me I was probably more distant with her for a little while. It threw me because she was someone I really respected and admired, was a fantastic mother, etc. and we had so many common views on politics, etc. that I was really blown away to learn that this moral, ethical, kind, loving person was an atheist. But 1) I got over it and 2) Six months later I was an atheist. So who knows what good you may have done in her life. I think "sewing seeds" of doubt is the best you can hope for of most conversations. Hopefully things aren't awkward between you for long.

Discreet Infidel said...

@InnerMinds: I think she's still in stage 2.

@Angie: Maybe my office mate will become an atheist 6 months from now. LOL

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