Monday, August 3, 2009

Pray on!

First things first. This post is not meant to offend the former President. I have high respect on her. This post is meant to open your eyes and make you realize that there is no sky daddy up there who listens to your cries and thoughts.

One of the first things that popped in my mind when I heard the news that the former president Cory Aquino died was the power of prayers. Well, the powerless of prayers. That really proved it, again and again. Many people in my country prayed and prayed a lot for her cure and well being yet she still ended up dead (unexpectedly). In fact she died in the middle of some prayer vigil of some sort.

What could this mean? Well in my view, this means that praying is useless and just a waste of time. Still I heard a lot of people in the news that they will still continue to pray for her. Heck, these people still believes in the power of prayer. I mean these people already prayed to their sky daddy that the former President would be healed from cancer. Yet she was still sickly and died because of it. Well she survived more than a year or so but it is because of the medication she took and of the money. Imagine if her family is not that rich and she did not take her meds. She would've died earlier.

Now, lets also examine some verses in the Bible that says praying works.
Matthew 7:7
Matthew 21:21
Mark 11:24
John 14:12-14
Matthew 18:19
James 5:15-16

What would the death of Cory tell us about these verses? Lies.

So you Christians out there. You be the judge here.
Pray on!


innerminds said...

Hey, you should add a hyperlink to each of those verses. And set them to open in a new window. Thanks.

innerminds said...

Or better yet, make the verses appear on this post. They can't be that long.

innerminds said... had time to compose devilishly brilliant comments on my Problem of Evil article but you couldn't even copy/paste the verses you mentioned in this piece. I've been waiting. And waiting. Time should be very precious to you atheists considering you don't believe in eternity. LOL

Discreet Infidel said...

Oh c'mon. Just read your Bible. Dont be lazy. The verses are already there. LOL

innerminds said...

Nah, you know there are many different versions of the Bible, so to avoid any ambiguity, I prefer that you post the verses here so we can read them together and make sure we are reading exactly the same thing.

Besides, you don't want to make your readers do the extra effort of having to google some of the things you say in your blog. That's just rude. :)

Danny Boy, FCD said...

I suggest installing Ref Tagger. It will automatically scan posts that contain bible verses and make a hyperlink for it. It also has a nifty pop-up feature.

Discreet Infidel said...

Ok ill try it. Thanks.

innerminds said...

Hey, when will you ever be installing Ref Tagger as Danny Boy suggested? This is such a good article based on a very valid point but it is losing its impact simply because the readers cannot immediately read the verses. :(

innerminds said...


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