Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Problem of Evil and Suffering (again)

While I was on the way home from work I passed by a little boy (obviously homeless) who was lying on the dirty side walk while sleeping with a plastic glass on the side (probably for the alms). The boy, while lying down, was hugging his stomach. His stomach maybe aching due to hunger or maybe something worse. It rained a little when I passed by this boy and he only had a thin carton as his bed. The weather was cold. It will be colder at dawn. Can you imagine what I am talking about? Well I wish I took a picture of that sad scene so that you could see for yourself what I am talking here.

I really felt sad when I saw that little boy there lying down and obviously suffering and helpless. I also felt a little disappointed with our government because they should (could) keep that kind of boy and put him someplace better. I really wish I could help that boy and others in that similar condition. If only I have the power and resources, I would certainly help them. But at the mean time I don't. Maybe I will in the future.

What if you had the power and resources to help that little boy, would you help him? If you were indeed powerful or even just excessively rich AND just a bit loving and merciful, you would help him, right? But how come the loving, powerful, and moral (and allegedly existing) Christian God didn't help the boy? How come a loving and powerful God would let that happen? Is the Christian God not existing or just simply selfish?

Ah, the problem of evil and suffering again (and again).


No Guy in the Sky said...

God is always up for a little boy suffering. Little boys sin, and God loves to punish little boys. Out of the kindness of his heart. God lets that little boy suffer in starvation, instead of providing him with a good home.

Nice Job God!

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