Thursday, June 4, 2009

Blog Lists

It's been a while since I write some stuffs here in my blog. I have been really busy in the last few weeks and top of that the screen on our PC at home is dead plus the internet in our office is on and off at the moment. I have to borrow the laptop of my cousin first if I have to go online which I can't do all the time since he is also using it. I am really sorry for keeping you, my dear readers, bored. Fortunately you can browse all of my favorite blogs in my blog list for your entertainment or for your search for truth. :D You will really enjoy all of them altough some of them are quite sensitive. So here is my blog list..

1.)Inner Minds - Attempts at uncovering the underlying simplicity beneath apparently complex concepts as well as the core complexity within seemingly simple thoughts.

2.) Verbal Razors - one of my favorite. Just pay a visit.

3.) Confessions of a Partyphile - all about partey!

4.) Thoughts to Provoke Your Thoughts - a lot of thoughts that will provoke your thoughts.

5.) Babling Barbarian - Brains, brawn, beauty and some other brutally frank bitchings.

6.) Beincent is Vincent - my friend's blog at Ateneo.

7.) The Entropy Blog - Thinker, writer, skeptic, spy. That is what the author of Entropy Blog.

8.) Science for Life - a blog that is devoted to Science that has been given copy rights by 'New Scientist'.

Please visit these sites. You will surely enjoy reading them. :D Hopefully I could post another entry here one of these days.

Until next time,
Jobo the (not) Bored


Beincent said...

Thanks for the link.

jong said...

Thanks a lot my dear nephew! :)

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