Tuesday, June 9, 2009


"Omnipresence" is the property of being present everywhere. According to eastern theism, God is present everywhere. Divine omnipresence is thus one of the divine attributes, although in western theism it has attracted less philosophical attention than such attributes as omnipotence, omniscience, or being eternal. (wikipedia)

If God has this attribute, if God is present everywhere, would this also mean that God can also be found inside a nudist bar? Or in a room where two lovers make love? LOL. Joke time!

This is really my question: If God has this attribute (plus with God's omnipotence of course), where was God when the MV Princess of Stars sunk? Where was God when Hurricane Katrina strikes New Orleans wherein many were slowly and painfully drowned and killed? Was God really on these situations but he just chose not to help or use his omnipotence? Or was God really not there?

Hmmm.. the problem of evil again. No one really gave me a good defense or theodicy on this.


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