Sunday, June 28, 2009

Theist Morality vs. Atheist Morality

Theists say that atheists are evil and immoral because they do not believe in God. Theists' standard of morality is God (Bible/Quran). Since atheists do not believe in God (and Bible/Quran), then what is the basis of the atheist morality? Well for me, I simply consider an act as immoral (or bad) if it causes damage to myself and others. Simple as that. On the other hand, theists (mostly Christians) base their morality at their God's (Jesus Christ or Yahweh) laws which can be found in the Bible or Quran. Basically, theists do not do bad because they believe that if they do, they will end up in hell. Its like having a gun pointed at the back of the theists' head and the one who holds the gun is saying "Do this or that or else you'll be dead!". They are just afraid of hell and they just want to end up in heaven, that is why they don't do bad. If that's the case then I say that my morality is more superior than the theists'. It is because I know what is 'really' good and what is 'really' bad deep inside. Unlike the theists, they don't do bad because they are simply following commandments out of fear.


jong said...

A simple analogy:

The theist is like a driver who will stop at a red light for fear of being caught by the traffic cops and made to pay a fine.

The atheist on the other hand, is like a driver who will stop at a red light because he knows that once it turns red on his side it also turns green on the other sides, and he will risk collision with other vehicles if he beats the red light.

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