Saturday, June 20, 2009

Why I am an Infidel?

"Why don't you believe in God?" or "What are your reasons not believing in Him?" or "What are your evidences that God does not exist?". These are the most common questions I face from my close friends (and a relative/s)who know the real me. Really, why am I an infidel (well I prefer the word infidel because I once was a faithful)? What are/is my reason/s?

These questions are not that really difficult to answer (at least in my part). I don't believe in God simply because no one can strongly prove God's existence. No one have a strong and enough evidence, both logical and scientific, to prove that there is a sky daddy up there who listens to our thoughts. Others would violently react to this (especially the religious) but if one would just think of the evidences of the pastors or priests or religious dudes or Christian apologetics deeply and critically, one would notice that their evidences for the existence of God are either flawed or illogical or irrational. I cannot really understand how these people still believe in that (forgive the word) crap (Genesis myth, virgin birth, heaven and hell, etc). Even if the glaring evidences of Science (which is based on reality) contradicts their claims, they still hold what they believe. They would still hold on to their truths even if the evidences are laid on their laps. Based on my search and experience in discussing this topic, the God of the theist would all boil down to the mystical and/or the God-beyond-space-and-time god.

Now as to the evidences that I have to conclude that God don't exist? Well it is not really my job to prove that there is no God. The burden of proof lies upon the claimer. My believer friends do not seem to understand that they are the ones who must provide proof and not me. It is illogical to shift the burden of proof to the other side.

Simple as that eh? Now, I cannot really say that I will be like this forever, but I cannot also say that I will be again a believer. It would all depend on the answers I would find on my journey in finding truth.


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