Wednesday, February 4, 2009

25 Random Things About Me

I got this idea from Facebook. Since I am bored and nothing in mind to write yet so here's my 25 random things about me :D 

1. i have no job

2. i love to sleeeeeeeepp

3. i like to talk about religion,faith, philosophy, and science

4. i really like some one right now

5. i am right now planning something for that some one above for valentines day

6. in that plan above, i have plan A and plan B but i have no sub plans for plan A [yet]

7. i hate people who knock at our doors to spread some The Word

8. i am watching again my That 70's Show [seasons 3,4,5,6 & 7] series for the nth time this time

9. i want angel locsin as my date this valentine if my plans to that 'some one' will not happen ["libre lang mangarap" as the song goes. lol]

10. i box 3 times a week

11. i stopped playing chess for a while

12. i am jumping from one goal to another [boring]

13. one of my favorite movies is Dead Poets Society

14. i am lazy but i like to work hard

15. i have a very cynical attitude

16. every time some one taps my back, i would just think that 'ah, that's just corporate politics'.

17. i have lots of ideas in my mind

18. i want and love to write but i suck in writing

19. i really need a job coz i need money so that i could make a move

20. i want a high, or at least, good paying job with not so difficult tasks

21. i write poems but i dont want people to read it

22. i love to see people who cant defend their faith

23. i want to be Michael Scofield

24. i like to talk to intellectual people

25.i am torpe


Meloi said...

this reminds me of my earlier post (way way back) post '50 things about me'. Why don't you make it 50? or another version would be 50 things from my mother, or father, neighbor, whatever. :-)

I'm a bit agnostic. Which I'd rather keep this stance to myself (only this) to avoid troubles (religious family and friends).

Discreet Infidel said...

ahh,,i thought about 50 but the thought of it made me lazy.

hmmm, you are "a bit agnostic"? what number do you belong at the Spectrum of Belief (refer to mypost)

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