Monday, February 2, 2009


Why are we here? What is our purpose here? These are some of the most basic questions we ask regarding purpose. 

According to Rick Warren [a theologian] in his book the Purpose  Driven Life, we should not look within ourselves, but rather the starting place  must be with God and his eternal purposes for each life. Real meaning and significance comes from understanding and fulfilling God’s purposes for putting us on earth. Now, Rick Warren clearly explains God's purposes for each of us and these are: a.)first purpose is to offer real worship b.) second purpose is to enjoy real fellowship c.)  third purpose is to learn real discipleship d.) fourth purpose is to practice real ministry e.) fifth purpose is to live out real evangelism. 

So if according to Rick Warren man's purpose is to please God, then what is God's purpose? Now, when we talk about purpose, we always ask "What is our purpose in life?" and "Why are we here?". It is always about ourselves. But what about God's purpose? What is God's purpose? Why do he exist? I'd like to quote something from a forum and this was posted by a Johnny®..

"If God exists for His own pleasure, then this is selfish. It makes it look as if God created us merely to have some living toys to play with. Isn’t there some principle that God looks up to? Something to admire, adore, and worship? Is God consigned for eternity to sit there and amuse Himself with the worship of others? Or to worship Himself? What’s the point?

Pretty strong questions there and I think no one knows the answer for that. Maybe theists/atheists/agnostics have their own answer to that. [I think believers would just reply something like "No one can understand God" or "No one must question God!". lol ] 

Now to continue.. 
I really dont like the idea of Rick Warren about the purpose of man's life. This kinda sounds like "essence precedes existence" to me. Life should not be like that [essence precedes existence] because if we, humans, would have an essence before we exist then we are just the same with other things like a glass or a chair. A glass or a chair already have a purpose/essence even when they are not yet created. This purpose/essence exist in the mind of the creator of the glass/chair. If that's the case then we are just like them. Instead life should be "existence precedes essence". Man must exist first then man would find his/her own essence/purpose in life. Man must define himself. Meaning man is defined only insofar as he acts and must be responsible for his actions. I believe that there is no such predetermined essence to be found in man. Essence[or purpose] must be defined by man through how he/she creates/lives his/her life. 

Now that is how life should be! 
Having absolute freedom and having responsibilty. 


innerminds said...

"The purpose of our existence is find a purpose for our existence."

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