Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Random thoughts [feb 10, 2009]

1.) Do we really have control in our lives? I always thought that we all have free will and that because of this we control our lives. I always thought that life [at least mine] have absolute freedom. This free will also comes with great responsibility. But lately, I realized that there are some things that we can't control. Although I am not saying that free will is just an illusion but there are things in life that we can't just control. Yes, we have free will but there are really instances in life that we cant control. There are some things in life that we can't force to happen. We don't have full control of it. 

2.) I am a hypocrite. Why? Hmm.. I always encourage/teach/preach[maybe] other people [especially religious ones]to use their heads and be rational and think. And I really hate people who are irrational. But I am slowly realizing that I am also becoming irrational. The L thing is making me do it. I mean I cant even think straight. What the hell. I am not blaming someone or something here. I can only blame myself here.

3.) Mystics claim that they are very spiritual beings. Based from what I know, these people are in higher level of spirituality. Are they really sure of what they believe? I think that to these people, they don't want to know the truth. They just want the mystery to remain a mystery. And also, how can they say that a thing or being [like God] is mysterious or unknowable yet they are cock sure that it exist? It is contradicting. 

4.) The rich are getting richer. Poor getting poorer. Can you imagine how much money the telecommunication companies earn every day with all that texts and calls? It is a big big big money. The money of the consumers of these companies are[base on my opinion] like being stolen by the telecommunication companies. They should at least make texting free. LOL.

Again, imagine. Imagine the religious leaders we have today. I just wont mention any names. I am not talking about the Catholic Church here but also protestants. The leaders of these churches are so damn rich. They have body guards and mansions and cars. And wonder where they get the money to buy these things? Hmm.. Of course from their followers. How about the life of their followers? Does the followers have good life? Not from what I see. Some of their followers still even live in a 'barong2x' while their religious leaders are relaxing in their mansions. 

5.) Last thought. To be honest, I think going to a community and serve is much better thing to do than going to church every Sunday. Or at least the Church would help the needy in our country instead of constructing big and beautiful churches. Imagine the money spent in expensive construction materials. That money could be spent in helping the needy by giving them food or teaching the needy livelihood. And also imagine the trees that are being cut down just to build a church. That tree could be used as paper for children who write in leaves/ground. 
For me, the beautification of the church is not that important. It is the deeds and the actions that are important. 

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