Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Random Stories [about me lately]

When I woke up and opened the computer this morning, I really don't have anything in mind to write. I cant really think of any thing not-so-serious to write. What I have in my mind right now are quite serious and controversial stuffs. So while I was surfing the net for some interesting things to write I got this idea of writing random things and/or stories about me. To break the ice, let me present to you some random stories that happened to me lately. 

1.) Last October I applied to ABC Company [not the real name. i changed the name] and after like 2 months they informed me that they will conduct an interview. I prepared and read articles about interviews and the possible questions to ask during interviews. I felt confident and prepared. But when the interview started I got nervous and I freaked out because the HR guy really threw unexpected questions to me. I really dint expect what he asked although I know that I should know those answers. I just wanted the interview to end but the HR guy just seemed to continue pressing me a lot. LOL. But then it just ended. I think they wont bother to call me again unless the other applicants did worse than me. LOL. Well at least I learned a lot from that experience. 

2.) Last Sunday I talked to a friend[very gorgeous friend to be exact]  on my cellphone. I called her because I have nothing to do that night and I just simply want to talk to her and that I have enough load. While talking, I forgot that I was just using my CP and not the landline. We talked as if my CP have unlimited load. Although I was aware that I had 320+ of load but I was not aware that it would somehow be gone/consumed in just minutes. Our conversation ended at the middle of a very good topic. Damn. I was so "bitin" and I did not even told her the a very important thing that I want to tell her that time. And aside from that feeling of "bitin-ness", my 320+ load was gone just like a bubble that pops. LOL. But I think that its still worth it. 
[nah, again me being irrational]

3.) My mom gives me 300/500 CP load almost every month. So she expects me to have load. Last Monday she told me to text Papa and tell him that the phone is ready for him to call us. I told her "Ma, wala na baya koy load" ["Ma, I don't have enough load"]. She replied "Bag-o ra gani tika gi-tagaan ug 500 load last month!" ["But I just gave you 500 load last month!"]. [See story #2 why i dont have load] I just stared at her and smiled a little. And then she smiled back and told me that I was just kidding. LOL. I am a joker in our house and I like to joke around to my sis and mom. That time my mom thought that I was just joking around. She did not know that I was really serious that I don't have enough load. And until now she still thinks that I have load. I hope she wont tell me to call her or Papa. LOL. 

4.) I have season 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7 of That 70's Show. Some of it though were borrowed by my friends. I just finished season 6 of That 70's Show [again] and I'll start season 7 soon [again]. I watched this whole series [all of them] for 3 or 4 times now. Still this show makes me laugh. 

5.) Last Tuesday after I ate dinner I went out and walked around outside our house with my mp3 player. I do this almost every after dinner of almost every night. While walking outside and feeling the cool wind with my mp3 player, I [again] imagined that I was in a music video. LOL. I mean the music was just great and I just cant stop myself but imagine that I was the one who sung that song. LOL. Music really takes me high. It's like a drug. While I was doing this, I did not notice that my cute-neighbor-nurse pass by at our house. She saw me singing this unknown song, waving my hands[like a rapper in a music video], with my face looking stupid. When I noticed that she was looking at me she just smiled[or maybe laughed] and looked away. Duh. Another classic embarassing moment.  

So these are just some few stories about me. I'll post stories like this again next time if I have nothing to write. Until next time. 


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