Monday, February 23, 2009


Here I am again sitting in front of the computer killing the time. The same old thing I did yesterday and the day before yesterday. My life at the mean time has become very routinary. I wake up, eat, open the computer, eat, bike, watch DVDs and so on until I wake up again the following day and do the same things I did yesterday. Although I am still looking for a job right now and waiting for the employers to call me [heck, what is taking them so long]. But aside from that, I think there is almost nothing.

I remember when I was in college there was really something new almost everyday. Report in this subject, quiz on that, party here, Sabado nights there, or food trip somewhere. During that time I go to sleep almost everynight feeling very excited for tomorrow. But now, nah, there is almost nothing in stored. I try to do new things like learning something new or read a book or increase my chess rating or [try to]enter in a relationship and some other things to add some color in my life. I estabished new goals and new objectives for me to follow to keep me excited about tomorrow. But as long as I achieved these goals I find myself again looking for another goal or objective. Back again to square one. This only shows that nothing in life is infinite. Everything is finite.

Everything in life is indeed finite. I mean everything. I cant really think of anything that could satisfy me or man forever. Everything has its end. Love, power, friendship, other kinds of relationship, life. And I am not just the one who is facing this [sad but true] reality but all of us. You may think that my life is much duller[or sadder] than yours but you would still end up back in square one after some time just like everyone of us or even much worse[and sad] you would still end up dead no matter how hard you try. Everthing has its limits. Man just jumps from one objective/goal to another and then finds himself again looking for another goal/objective to accomplish. This makes life boring. No wonder why the primitive man created the idea of the "Absolute Thou" [I hope you get this. Clue: I try to avoid the three letter word because it is kinda sensitive.] Man hopes for the infinite and the limitless in the 'absolute thou'. However, no one really proved that this 'absolute thou' will last forever or that we would be also infinite with the absolute thou. I mean look at Zeus and the other Greek gods. Maybe this is just an 'absolute hope'.

So what can we do about this sad reality that everything is just finite? The sad thing is that we cant really do anything to make things[including life] infinite or limitless. No matter what we do, all we have would end or in case of life, we would all end up dead. That is the way I see it. Because of this, I think we must really not waste every thing we have. We must not waste our time and energy and resources to unproductive things and activities. We can only live once and we must not waste time and energy to these things. I'd really like to elaborate more on what kind of 'unproductive things' I am talking about but I guess it is much better not to. Next, we must not also waste every opportunity. I mean we must grab every opportunity we encounter. Dont be afraid and take risks [I really learned this the hard way]. Again we can only live once and we must not let beautiful things pass us by.

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