Sunday, February 1, 2009

Being in love

My heart is like a grave yard where I bury my pains each time she dont reply?!  What the heck, I dont really want to feel like this because it feels kinda corny [but true]. 

What the hell. I think Cupid shot me with his arrow again. I really dont like to be in love because it really makes my reasoning and judgment unclear. I dont want to be irrational and people become irrational when in love. Some people cant eat or sleep. Some people would end up having unwanted baby. Some would loose their concentration in work/studies. In my case, there are times that I have trouble getting into sleep because the object of my desire always crawls in my mind. I may feel a little bit serious about her now but I think that this would be something that I would laugh about in the future.  

Another thing I dont like about being in love is that it involves taking risks. As of now I dont really appreciate taking risks. Why take risks if you can get win-win? Rejection really sucks. But i agree that it is worth taking the risk. It's just I just can forsee the pain one[or I] would feel when rejected or busted. No one would like to feel that one. 

But despite the negative effects of being inlove, [and based on my experience and based on movies about love], I believe that it is still better to love and fall down than to have never loved at all. I guess its just a matter of me having courage and not to chicken out to tell what i feel. 

[credit to the original author/poet of the first line. sorry for editing it and sorry for forgetting your name :D]


trishie said...

Love = Risk and Hurt.

Sometimes, when someone breaks our heart, we don't get hurt because we lose them, but we get hurt because we placed so much effort and it was all wasted.

--- Trishie

Bored Jobo said...

for some yeah.. but for me, i get hurt because i lose her..

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