Saturday, February 28, 2009

Real God

According to the size of the universe is at least 165 billion light-years wide. One light-year is equal to just under ten million kilometers [or exactly 9,460,730,472,580.8 km]. Can you imagine how big is that? And can you also imagine how small we are? Hmm.. 

This fact popped a 'God question' in my mind. Assuming that there are other life forms [with civilizations] in other parts of the universe or in the 'other universes', do you think they also have gods there? If they have, do you think you and 'them' worship the same god? Do you think 'your' God created them? Or maybe 'they' [other life forms] believe that 'their' god created them and not your god. Hmmm... Well these questions are not really meant to find answers. They are meant to make one realize something.  

What about in Earth [our world]? Today there are looooots of gods that we [or maybe I] know of. Some of these gods have their own religion. And there are some [I guess majority of] religions who think that their god is the 'true god.' or real god. Example, religion A thinks that their god created the universe and is the true god. Religion B on the other hand thinks [aslo] that their god created us and the universe. These religions just contradict each other. Their gods, beliefs, stories[myths], traditions contradict each other. Now these contradictions just shows that all religions [w/ supernatural god or gods] are all wrong. Simply because they consider each other as wrong and false.

So who then is the real god? Which creation story is true? Which beliefs are right and wrong? Who should one believe? Well of course a religion or perhaps your religion would say that your religion has the true god and creator right? But other religion would just disagree with that. Remember, they also have faith just like you. 


Willie said...

There is no god Jobo. God is a creation of man for many reasons. Their tribal leaders might have used god to control their people or they may have created god for someone to look upon, someone that may explain what they do not understand.

Jobo the Bored said...

I know Willie. :D This entry was meant to make people realize that. I am not finding answers here. LOL

Anonymous said...

all i can say is we have the same views but i have no idea why my heart tries to believe that there is a god. maybe that's the effect of being brainwashed since birth. -Obie

Jobo the Bored said...

Oh hi Obie(of FS?). Thanks for visiting my page. Do not let your "heart" do the thinking and searching. :D

'There's probably no (real)God so stop worrying and enjoy your life' as the ads say.

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