Sunday, February 15, 2009


Saints are those who follow Jesus Christ and live their lives according to his teaching. Catholics use the term narrowly to refer to especially holy men and women who, through extraordinary lives of virtue, have already entered Heaven. For Catholics, they consider saints as holy. They pray [and I think they even worship] saints. I remember when I was still in high school[and some classes in college], we always include in our prayers some number of saints. For example we pray, "Saint _______ pray for us" . They pray to the saints like gods [even if Catholics deny that they are not gods]. 

The Catholic Community Forum lists some 5120 saints with some of them has areas of responsibility [like abdominal pains, abuse victims, anorexia, arms dealers, to name a few].  This make the Catholic Church look like a polytheist church. Saint believers really believes that Saints have some sort of power that could help improve their lives. WTH?!

Oh poor Saint believers. What's the point in believing in such imaginary and powerless saints? How could they believe in these quacks? How can they put their trusts and faiths and lives to these powerless and imaginary saints? Are they really that blinded? How can they not realize that saints are just imaginary and powerless?

The illusion that Saints have power/s can't really do any good especially to those who are in need of help. Instead of getting real help from real qualified people [like police or doctor] some saint believers would just pray to their saints. And they would end up worse or dead. Also believing in Saints would give them an idea that someone so powerful is by their side to help them in times of need when in reality there is none. These would just make the saint believers dependent on these powerless and imaginary saints. And that is bad because this makes them lazy. 

Sorry if I offended some of your beliefs but just think of what I said and open your eyes and be realistic. And btw, if you think that I am wrong, just tell me and show to me that saints have power/s. I'd like to see it. :D

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